GEM readers highlight road safety concerns in Sully and Barry

By GEM Staff Reporter in Transport

GEM readers were keen to express their views on road safety issues following an article we ran last week.

Loretta Webber highlighted a junction on to Barry Road and argued for a 20mph speed limit locally.

“I would like to highlight the difficulty on the junction of Orchard Drive leading onto Barry Road.

“There are double yellow lines on both sides of the junction on the main Barry Road but these do not extend around the corners into Orchard Drive.

“There is a bus stop on the right corner with a very large tree which restricts the view.

“Cars and vans are parked on both sides of Barry Road (on the yellow lines) and the entrance to Orchard Drive.

“On most occasions you have to pull right out onto the main road (Barry Road) to check for traffic both ways especially coming up Crogan Hill.

“This is very dangerous. As much as we love trees I think removing the tree would enable better vision along with enforcing the law about parking on double yellow lines.

“I am also in favour of a speed limit of say 20 miles per hour around town.”

Rory Newman was keen to point out a cause for concern in Sully.

“I realised there is a lane on the left hand side as you go up Arlington Road, Sully.

“There is no pedestrian barrier to stop children running or cycling straight to the road and no double yellow lines which are very much needed as several vans park across the lane obscuring a motorist’s view.

“The vans also create a hazard for anyone turning out of the Brean Close junction as they are often faced with on-coming traffic on their side of the road.”

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