Dead fish in Porthcawl harbour ‘not pollution’ says council watchdog

By Philip Irwin in Local People

The appearance of hundreds ­ possibly thousands – of dead fish in Porthcawl Marina harbour is not a pollution incident – a council spokesman has insisted.

The explanation is that they are all freshwater fish ­ – caught up in an overflow from the Wilderness Lake about a mile away.

Sadly, the freshwater fish could not survive in the salt sea water.

Some dead fish were visible earlier in the week, but on Friday morning there were hundreds – possibly thousands – floating on the water.

A spokesman for Bridgend County Borough Council (BCBC) told The GEM that the sluice gates were opened whenever water levels in the Wilderness Lake reached a certain level.

However, it was very unusual for a large number of fish to get caught in the discharge.

Some of the fish appear to be silver bream – a freshwater fish

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