Cruelty to the wildlife – a GEM reader's letter

By GEM Community Correspondent in Local People

I write in response to the recent letters regarding fox hunting; I live in a rural village in the Vale and hate it when I am caught up amongst the hounds – a truly terrifying experience.

One particular day, I heard the bugles and turned around from my walk to go home so as not to be confronted with anything upsetting, only to encounter a man.

After a chat, he informed me he was from the farming community and openly admitted to allowing people onto his land to ‘take pot shots’ at the foxes.

He continued to upset me while regaling a story of a vixen that had been shot and was obviously feeding her young and so all these cubs would now starve.

He commented that the hunt was the better option as only the old and sick were caught; he openly admitted foxes on his land were often wounded and left to die.

Either way, it upset me for the day and I had to walk away. It had opened my eyes even wider to the blatant cruelty to our wildlife.

(Name and address supplied).

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