Ogmore MP takes pensions case to Parliament

By GEM Staff Reporter in Politics

The Ogmore MP, Chris Elmore, has hit out at Prime Minister Theresa May for “refusing to help” partially blind hairdresser Dianah Kendall whose planned retirement was pushed back from September this year to 2022, following UK Government legislation

The MP took Dianah’s case to Parliament over the issue, which affects women’s pension age, and has been fiercely campaigned against by the organisation WASPI (Women Against State Pension Inequality).

The Bridgend WASPI group have marched to both Cardiff Bay and Westminster to seek justice, and the Ogmore MP has raised it at Prime Minister’s questions.

Chris said: “I brought Dianah’s case to Theresa May and was appalled that not only did she dismiss the case, but also appeared to bend the facts.

“Mrs May said that nobody will see their pension age change by more than 18 months. This simply isn’t the case. Some women are waiting more than four years – in Dinah’s case five! I would like to know where the Prime Minister is getting her facts from?”

Dinah was lucky to be alive after a shock brain haemorrhage left her partially blind, but has continued to run her business, Just Cuts in Pencoed, and now faces an agonising five extra years before she can retire, having made plans for September 2017.

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