Faith for the Fallen (Fabric of Life)

By GEM Community Correspondent in Local People

HAVE you fallen? Are you weak?

Are you tired, but cannot sleep?

Have you lost everything and everyone and need a helping hand?

For the pain you would rather die, than make it to the end?

Has your world been torn apart?

Are you frayed at the seams?

Ever been spun a yarn or two?

Every fibre of your being wants to scream.

Had the wool pulled over your eyes?

Believed the fabrication of fools?

Ever lost the thread or been hanging by one?

And in this tapestry of life,

had your trust in material things?

Look to the one who upholds everything;

He knows all our pain:

The one who has been here before us

and the one who is coming again.

He will fasten your foundation, and weave everything in its place.

His love will set your heart on fire, his grace will give you peace.

Jesus, living word, hears our prayers.

Tie up loose ends; bind and repair.

Intricate workmanship in the detail.

Miraculous intervention will get us there.

Kasey Starr,