Tougher penalties for drivers using mobiles

By GEM Staff Reporter in Transport

Drivers caught using their mobile phone behind the wheel, face tougher penalties under new laws being introduced on March 1.

Any motorist caught using a handheld device while driving will receive six points on their driving licence and a £200 fine.

Chief Inspector Martyn Stone, of South Wales Police, said: “Drivers who decide to use a mobile phone at the wheel are committing an offence. By using a device whilst you drive, you increase the risk and probability of being involved in a serious or fatal collision.

“The current penalty for anyone caught using a mobile phone while driving is a £100 fine and three penalty points. In more serious cases, police officers have powers to prosecute drivers for careless or dangerous driving. New penalties, that will be made available to police officers on March 1, show the importance the Government places on ensuring that the roads are safe for all users.”

The announcement came following publication of the 2016 All-Wales Anti-Mobile Phone While Driving Campaign; a total of 199 offenders had been caught in south Wales. The campaign, which ran between November 7 to November 20, urged all road users to ‘keep their eyes on the road’ and not be distracted by answering their mobile phone, reading a text or going online.

Chair of Road Safety Wales Susan Storch said: “Campaigns such as this demonstrate the resolve of all the Road Safety Wales partners in tackling this issue and we will continue to work together to drive home the message of not using your mobile phone behind the wheel. No call or text is that important.”

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