Barry Kyokushin take record number of trophies from championship

By GEM Community Correspondent in Martial Arts

On February 4, Barry Kyokushin karate club hosted and attended the IKO Welsh Championships at the Barry Memorial Hall.

The tournament began with Kata (pattern), in which the Barry Club dominated.

Out of five Kata categories, Barry Kyokushin took first place in four of the categories.

Devon Ruckley (10th Kyu), in his first ever tournament, took first place, closely followed by fellow club member Adam Tudor who took second, and Sebastian Barczewski who took home a third place.

Ben Harris was unfortunately pipped to the post and secured fourth place.

In the second category, Kelly Shi took home first place, scoring .4 higher than her closest opponent, and Angel Benevant secured herself third place.

In the third category, Leanne Lirio took home gold, and Justine Bolanos secured herself a very close second place.

In the fourth category, assistant instructor Rhian Evans took home first place, with club member Claire Norman taking third.

The next event was clicker, which was dominated by Barry Kyokushin once again. In the first category, Sebastian Barczewski and Andre Espiritu battled for first and second place over the final match, with three extensions.

Sebastian just managed to gain first place in the final bout, with Andre Espiritu securing himself a well-deserved second place.

In the second category, two club members found themselves in the final to battle it out once again. Ben Bolanos won gold, with Brodie Taylor gaining a second place trophy.

In the final category, Kelly Shi was in the final and battled to win second place, with club member Bella Horsell placed third.

The next division was Cadet Knockdown. In the first division, James Shi took home gold after fights with much bigger opponents.

In the second category, Barry Kyokushin had two members fighting for third place, Justine Bolanos and Leanne Lirio. After a very close fight, Leanne Lirio secured herself third place and Justine a well-deserved runner-up after three tough fights.

The final category for the day was the knockdown. Club member Jordan Sidford was entered into Men’s Lightweight and after a few tough fights, Jordan won third place after his final fight, which was well-deserved.

In Men’s Middleweight, club member Paul Lambert found himself in the final, battling for first place. Paul took home a second place trophy after a difficult final fight.

Two club members, Gareth Dutton and Dryw Thompson, had been entered into Mens Heavyweight and both found themselves battling for third place against one another. After a tough fight, Gareth Dutton took third place, and Dryw was runner-up.

In total Barry Kyokushin took home 20 medals. These were seven first place, six second place and seven third place.

Club instructor, Senpai Phill Sedgmond said: “The tournament was such a great success, not only for our club, but for our Welsh Organisation. It’s very hard for youngsters in Wales to travel to compete. To have one on their doorstep opens up new opportunities for them. I’m obviously exceptionally proud of the achievements of my students at this event, and their hard work has paid off by taking away 20 trophies from this. I think that might actually be a record for the 39 years our club has been going. Well done to all.”

In April, Phill Sedgmond is heading to Japan to take a 3rd Dan Black Belt grading test over two days, and club instructor Rhian Evans is also going to compete in kata in the World Championships.

Barry Kyokushin Karate Club train at Castleland Community Centre on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6pm to 7.30pm for under-14s and 7.30pm to 9pm for 14 and over.

Email for more information, or find us on our Facebook page.

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Neil Kennedy · 154 days ago · Report

Why didnt you allow the Welsh Kyokushin club based in Penarth to enter ? Surely if you say its great to have a tournament on your doorstep then you should allow other clubs complete otherwise it takes away the height of the achievement if you have discounted other competitors!

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