Age-related arthritis: irreversible end of pain-free living?

By GEM Staff Reporter in Health

Arthritis is a common condition which causes pain, swelling, inflammation and often stiffness in the joints of the body. Sadly, many sufferers are told: “There is nothing that can be done outside surgery.”

However, the gentle manipulative and massage approach taken by osteopaths can help many arthritis sufferers. Treatment is individual, gently moving and stretching an arthritic joint and massaging surrounding muscles and tissues can help ease some of the discomfort.

This can often be enough to reduce pain and restore function for day-to-day activities.

For example, someone with an arthritic shoulder who couldn’t raise the arm may, after a few weeks’ treatment, be able to lift a kettle or raise the arm high enough so that hair can be comfortably brushed.

“Osteopathy is not limited to treating patients with arthritis. If you are uncertain, give me a ring, tell me your complaint, and we’ll chat over the options,” said Robert David, M.Ost

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