'International Global Day' at local school

By GEM Community Correspondent in Education

On January 30, St Nicholas held a ’Global Enhancement Day’, which involved the school participating in a ’carousel of activitie’s covering the ESDGC (Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship) element of the Welsh Curriculum.

Class 2 was transformed into an ICT design room, where the children researched architectural styles from different countries, applying this knowledge and their ICT skills to design sustainable ‘houses of the future’ and incorporating solar panels and wind farms as energy sources.

In addition, they had to make a house for one out of cardboard, "helping them to empathise with the homeless adults and children on our streets today and the plight of refugees in Syria and across the world today".

In class 3 children completed activities on our world. They located countries personally visited and researched how our partner countries involved in the Erasmus project tackle the issues of sustainability and renewable energy.

In class 4, children explored the journey of a banana from a farmer in the Caribbean, to its appearance on our supermarket shelves, calculating costs and profits to the farmer, wholesaler, importer, exporter and seller.

Lucy Bevan, a year-6 councillor stated in shock: “I can’t believe if a banana cost 20p only 2p goes to the farmer, while 8p goes to the supermarket selling it. That’s not fair!” This brought in the concept of Fairtrade as a solution to this ’injustice’.

Finally, the school hall was transformed into a Lego workshop, with our deputy head teacher Mr Jones and ‘digital captains’ organising a range of challenging coding activities and challenges for the children to compete.

St Nicholas is involved in a two-year Erasmus project with Lego Education in Billund and schools from Denmark, Germany and Hungary, which are co-ordinating similar days in their schools.

In March, representatives from each of these countries will meet in Germany to begin the process of producing a ’scheme of work’ that can be accessed from the internet by any school across the country.

St Nicholas is a lead school in global learning, and part of our commitment is to provide ideas and training to our partnership schools who attended on the day. Representatives from the British Council and Rob Williams, director of policy at NAHT Cymru, were also in attendance and found it stimulating to see cross curricular links with maths, literacy and the DCF (Digital Competence Framework).

Report written by school councillors Tay Griffith, Lucy Bevan, Millie Jones, Tiana Scanlon and teacher representative Jason Downey.

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