Penarth’s parks will soon be more wheelchair-friendly

By GEM Community Correspondent in Local People

PARKS in Penarth are set to receive wheelchair-accessible roundabouts, as modifications are made to the original designs to upgrade the areas.

Plassey Square and Penarth Cliff Walk play areas will now boast the roundabouts – which boost accessibility to disabled users – as part of the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s proposals to upgrade a number of play areas in Penarth.

A total of £600,000 had been set aside for improvements to parks in north Penarth, including Plassey Square, Dingle Park, Cogan recreation ground and Paget Road through money received in section 106 contributions. The Penarth Cliff Tops play area refurbishment, meanwhile, has been made possible due to Vale Council internal funding.

The wheelchair-accessible roundabout upgrade to Plassey Square has been made possible within the existing parameters of the S106 funding. The addition of a wheelchair-accessible roundabout to Penarth Cliff Top has been funded via departmental asset renewal funding for 2016/17, with the installation and surfacing costs of this additional equipment being covered by the play contractor Sunshine Playgrounds as a community goodwill gesture.

Coun Lis Burnett, deputy leader of the Vale Council, and cabinet member for regeneration and education, said that making the play areas in Penarth accessible to disabled residents has always been a “major feature” of all plans for park upgrades in Penarth.

She said: “Play area designers considered a variety of issues when drawing-up their proposals for the upgrades in Penarth, including access, colour, a range of equipment that would provide diverse activities, and the provision of appropriate surfacing.

“We have been keen to ensure that children of all abilities are able to play together in our parks. These proposals are really exciting and will prove to be a major asset to Penarth.”

Anna Murphy, co-founder of Oshi’s World, a local charity that supports families of children with disabilities and special needs, said: “It’s wonderful to hear that the Vale Council has upgraded the plans for these two play areas to include wheelchair accessible roundabouts. This will allow my son and his friends to enjoy the new facilities along with other children.”

The work to upgrade these play areas is due to begin this month, and will last four – six weeks.

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