NHS problems start at the top – a GEM reader's letter

By GEM Community Correspondent in Health

Since the UK spends less money as a percentage of the national wealth than most EU countries on health, it is reasonable to state that this Government is denying the NHS, and also the Social Care Services, adequate funds for ideological reasons.

For 30 years, NHS directors have been cutting bed numbers, telling the public this was efficient, while patients lay on trolleys – and ambulances, at £200,000 each, were used as stationary beds.

Year on year, directors wasted billions on agency staff at inflated rates, where most of the money went to the agency owners.

They never learnt, over a quarter of a century, that such desperate staff shortages must derive from the incompetence of those who did the forward planning – themselves. Such top management demotivates good staff.

The NHS, based upon collective ethics, free of insurance haggling, is the most efficient organisation in the world. The explanation of the years of its struggle, goes far beyond a lack of money, to the basic beliefs of those chosen as directors, like the directors in British banks and elsewhere.

Such people are quite unsuited to understand collective ethics, the inspired dream of Clem Attlee. And even now the public is incapable of seeing the difference.

N Westerman,


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