‘Buddy benches’ at Holton Primary

By GEM Community Correspondent in Education

The Parent Friends Association at Holton Primary School in Barry has funded two ‘Buddy Benches’ that have been installed in both foundation phase and junior playgrounds.

“The colourful benches are designed for use by pupils when they need a friend to talk to. Other children or teachers will recognise this as a sign that children want help or support and come to talk with and assist them,” a spokesperson explained.

The school recognised the value that pupil support has in enhancing social skills, interaction and citizenship among children. It also promoted an ethos of responsibility and care for others within the school and provides positive role models.

Headteacher Mr Gilbert said: “The Parents Association members are an integral part of the school community and about much more than simply fundraising. They work hard to bring staff, parents and friends together to support the school, and we are delighted that they have presented these buddy benches.”

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